Day 1 – Thurs. Jan 1: Travelling to England. Ran up and down stairs packing. Walked around the deck of the ferry. Wrote about New Year’s Resolutions.

Day 2 – Fri. Jan 2: Shopping in England. Lots of walking. Ran to keep up. Wrote about my first race: My first race – Running in the Dutch Mountains.

Day 3 – Sat. Jan 3: Walked round B&Q. Not really exercise, but at least I wasn’t sitting down. Wrote some drafts and prompts for future blog posts.

Day 4 – Sun. Jan 4: Travelling back home by car and ferry. Wrote a draft for a future blog post. Read a newspaper on the boat that talked about a French woman’s approach to diet and exercise, Le Bootcamp, involving things like unobtrusive exercise at the office and while doing the housework. Made sure to do some seated bottom exercises, stomach clenching and drumming on my legs in time to the music (upper arm exercise /helping to keep the circulation going in my thighs) during the drive home. I wasn’t the driver, I hasten to add! Commented on the song prompt for day 4 on the FB page.

Day 5 – Mon. Jan 5: The only thing running today is my nose, so I’m doing some light housework, reading and working on some writing. Edited & published Days 1 & 2 and added my song prompt post.

Day 6 – Tues. Jan 6: Ill, so sleeping and reading are my main activities.

Day 7 – Weds. Jan 7: Slept a lot. Read a few #writeandread31 blogs. The only writing today was some Facebook comments. Brain dead!

Day 8 – Thurs. Jan 8: Woke up this morning coughing, but my brain was firing all morning. I started the day reading Het achterhuis (The Diary of Anne Frank) in parallel with De jongen in het achterhuis, a book by Sharon Dogar which tells the story from the point of view of Peter, the boy in the Annex with Anne. As I read, lots of ideas for blog posts and photos popped into my head. I wrote them all down in a notebook, some of them just the ideas, some of them worked out in more detail. All that sleep must have done me good. In the evening, I finally had enough energy to spend a couple of hours taking down the Christmas decorations (light cardio – sort of). Weight training: carrying the boxes into the back room. The lights (hung just below the ceiling) will have to wait until I can see what I’m doing in daylight.

Day 9 – Fri. Jan 9: One of my sons helped me take down the lights (stretching). He also took me to the hospital for my annual mammogram. After yesterday’s writing productivity, today I had no inspiration. C’est la vie.

Day 10 – Sat. Jan 10: Rested all day so I would be fit for my friend’s 60th birthday party in the evening. Walked briskly to the shop and back, then back again because I bought the wrong pizza for my son. This meant I jogged back because I was running out of time. In spite of still being prone to coughing throughout the day, I was surprised I had enough puff to jog. Interesting. At the party, I found it difficult to talk because it made me cough, but dancing the night away was no problem (= 2 hours of cardio). My aerobic fitness is standing me in good stead. Writing: none.

Day 11 – Sun. Jan 11: A slow start  then cycled to the station and walked around for at least half an hour with a heavy rucksack trying to find the café where I was meeting my BookCrossing friends. The vegetarian lasagna and kriek (cherry beer) were delicious. Writing: quick comments on the books I released.

Day 12 – Mon. Jan 12: Normally I go to a step class on Monday morning, but I didn’t feel up to that. Instead I spent the whole afternoon in the garden, digging over the compost heap and tidying up a bit after the gales we’ve been having. Good exercise for my legs, back and arms. Writing: journalled the books I brought back from yesterday’s meeting.

Day 13 – Tues. Jan. 13: My first official gym visit of the year! 1 hour Gladiator (functional full body workout) followed by 20 minutes jogging and brisk walking on the treadmill. The rest of the day, I was really tired until I’d had a good snooze. Writing: Caught up with my log. Typed up some of the ideas I had on Day 7 as drafts. Where did the last week go? I need to check on the writing prompts I’ve missed to see if anything inspires me.

Day 14 – Weds. Jan 14: I wanted to go to zumba this morning but wasn’t ready in time. In the evening, I cooked stew for the kids and spring greens, carrots and mash for myself – supplemented by cashews later on. I was too full to go the gym in the evening – most classes are scheduled too early for me if I want to eat with the family. It didn’t help that I looked at Tuesday’s lessons instead of Wednesday, and belatedly discovered there was nothing later in the evening today. I did do a few yoga balances while cooking, but that was about it today. Writing: Nearly 1,000 words for a draft blog post (in Word because the internet wasn’t working) about things I found odd when I first arrived in the Netherlands. Most seemed to be about food!

Day 15 – Thurs. Jan 15: Functional circuit at Go4Fit. I can really feel my shoulders from Tuesday’s Gladiator. Lots of arm work. Feeling energetic on the step-ups, push-ups on the step and sit-ups with ball throw on the Swiss ball (not sure if there’s an official name for these exercises). Writing: Nearly 1,500 words for a draft response to writing prompt #3 about songs as inspiration for running and writing.

Day 16 – Fri. Jan 16: Writing the draft blog post about music yesterday inspired a marathon – of the domestic variety – and a 600-word blog post on prompt #15 explaining the unexpected effects of this challenge in other areas of my life.