I read this funny blog post today about the things that surprise expats in Dutch toilets (reposted underneath my comments). I can think of a few more:

  1. Mirrors up too high for non-Dutchies to see into
  2. Mini guest towels that are too small to dry your hands on
  3. Strange flushing mechanisms that require explanatory notices: “Pull down on the pipe to flush”
  4. Shelves displaying knick-knacks and candles, photos, boards for children’s artwork; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen decorated toilets elsewhere (wracks brain)
  5. Nifty toilet roll holders with lids
  6. Clever multi-roll wall-mounted toilet roll storage units
  7. Wet wipes for adults. I wasn’t sure if this was something that came to on the market in the UK / USA when they were already in normal use here, but judging by the hoo-ha surrounding the launch of One Wipe Charlies in the USA in 2013, I’d say not.

So, can you think of anything I’ve missed? Or if you live in another country, what peculiarities do your toilets have?


Don’t worry, no toilet humour here. I’m not going to let this get (too) gross… just pointing out five things that you may find in a Dutch toilet or bathroom that you’re not quite used to…

1. Old faithful, the Toilet Calendar

Toilet Calendar

Go into any Dutch person’s toilet and the thing you are most likely to see is a calendar hanging on the back of the door. This is not any ordinary calendar. It is the Dutch birthday calendar or verjaardagskalendar

Never forget a birthday again! What with the Dutch being so tight I mean, thrifty, this calendar is perpetual so it doesn’t have any days of the week or years. That way, they can use it year after year without the need to replace it. After all, people’s birthdays don’t change – so it’s very Dutch, very logical.

And why in the bathroom (or toilet!) I hear you ask!? Well, without…

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