As I wrote earlier, the sudden collapse of a building in the centre of the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch for short) has caused a great deal of consternation and required some thinking on their feet for the organisers of the local carnival parade as well as the light show that was due to be projected on just that row of buildings.

glasses outside optician




Specsavers isn’t going to save the day this time!

The 16th century building had been a house of ill-repute, next-door neighbour to the world-renowned artist Hieronymus Bosch and a busy café, but its last incarnation was as a branch of the Pearle optician’s chain. Now it’s gone, all that’s left is a pile of rubble cordoned off with a metal fence.

Comedy glasses for remembrance

Nothing will bring back the old building, but that won’t stop the comic geniuses of Den Bosch showing their appreciation for what has gone. In a bizarre combination of commemorative flowers and toys and the tradition of leaving padlocks on bridges as a sign of love, people have started hanging glasses on the fence surrounding the collapsed optician’s shop. Quite a spectacle! See for yourself

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