Pirate theme at the Keukenhof

The obvious reason to visit the Keukenhof is to look at the beautiful flowers, but what if you don’t like flowers? There are plenty of other reasons:

  1.  People-watching is a pretty good reason. There are tourists from all over the world.
  2. Concentrated Dutchness in the form of clog-makers and other craftsmen, people in traditional dress, tulips, tulips and more tulips. Okay, I admit it, tulips are flowers. There’s even a windmill. But there’s more.
  3. How about art, fashion design and shoes (perhaps with a floral twist). Not interested in art?
  4. Cake then? I had the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted there. It was amazing!
  5. Oh, and there are these absolutely incredible displays of orchids in such an overwhelming number that you won’t believe your eyes. Not to mention colour in such abundance that you might just forget they are flowers and just enjoy the utter decadence of the whole thing.

I’m allergic to flowers. I’m not going to have much fun, am I? Unless you’re allergic to daffodils, you shouldn’t have any problem at all at the Keukenhof. This may just be the only garden you ever visit where you don’t have any allergic reactions or hayfever. Early spring flowers don’t tend to have irritating pollen (as far as I know) and I didn’t notice any willow either, so you should be safe.

This is my photographic record of the non-floral charms of the Keukenhof. Plus some orchids that are so exotic they hardly count as flowers.

Traditional Dutch costumes

Clogs and windmills

People-watching: tourists to watch

If you enjoy people-watching, there are plenty to see at the Keukenhof, from all over the world. At one of the restaurants, I was watching some chiquely-dressed and elegantly-coiffured Italian women drinking coffee and talking whilst paying no attention whatsoever to one of their casually-dressed, good-looking husbands. He sat patiently feeding a toddler who was having a whale of a time banging bread on the table and waving a serviette around. In contrast to this, in another restaurant later in the day, two young Dutch guys came in for a beer, one with his baseball cap on back-to-front and the other covered in tattoos; rather unexpected visitors to the Keukenhof. In contrast, there were the Japanese ladies in voluminous pale green capes and broad-brimmed hats. Could they have been Japanese nuns? I’d love to know, but I can’t find any information.

Art, fashion and shoes – with orchids

Carrot cake! And miscellaneous objects


On the last leg of our visit to the Keukenhof my phone battery ran out, so I don’t have many photos of the section of the Keukenhof that was about the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. There was a beautiful display incorporating blue and white Delftware wall plates and mosaic and a couple of displays made up to look like VOC ships, but alas… Now I have to wait for my husband to upload his photos. He takes a different style of photos. I like details, he prefers the big picture. My phone can’t cope with the big picture!

Have you ever been to the Keukenhof? It’s well worth a visit, even if you don’t particularly like flowers. I hope I’ve convinced you. And sorry for subjecting you to so many flowers. I just couldn’t help myself.