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The Kaiser Wilhelm II and Audrey Hepburn connection: Kaiser Bill in the Netherlands

Social history fascinates me, but my knowledge is extremely patchy and I’m not very good at remembering particulars. Nevertheless, sometimes I am astounded by something I discover and this was one of those occasions. Did you know that Wilhelm II, … Continue reading

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Dutch wall art: a mystery solved

Solving the mystery of Dutch wall art in Wijchen. Who made those birds and when? Continue reading

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Dutch wall art in Wijchen: a detective story

Local wall art on private houses sent me on a detective journey through the story of Dutch public and private art of the post-war recovery period (wederopbouw). Sparked by a chance thought, I followed the trail of wandkunst, gevelkunst, bas … Continue reading

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Expat Eurovison dilemma plus scandal, history, Douwe Bob and the UK entry

European expat dilemma: which country to vote for? Trijntje Oosterhuis caused controversy with her costume in 2015. Plus the 2015 and 2016 entries for the Netherlands and UK. Continue reading

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Why visit the Keukenhof, even if you don’t like flowers

The obvious reason to visit the Keukenhof is to look at the beautiful flowers, but what if you don’t like flowers? There are plenty of other reasons. Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons to visit the Keukenhof spring gardens: review and photos of flowers

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Is it worth visiting the Keukenhof early in the season? Find out what you can see and do at the Keukenhof apart from looking at tulips. Top 10 reasons for visiting the Keukenhof and my photos of daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths and – of course – tulips. Continue reading

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A Dutch monkey miscellany: music, morality and urban legends

Music-making monkeys, learning Dutch with monkeys, monkey morality, urban legends and monkey exploitation. All rounded off with a delicious monkey bread. Continue reading

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